A Friday Flashing: Sara Smiled

“Zak?!” she called, shrieking with false fear and intensity, quickly adjusting her mouth and eyes to feign seriousness. Zak came running though the hallway, slipping on his feet entering the room.

“oww…,” he mumbled slamming into the door. Sara ignored his clumsiness.

“What’s up darlin’? Is everything okay?” he asked while straightening himself in the doorway. Sara jerked the laptop resting on her thighs, rotating it to face him.

“Is this you?!” she asked, still shrieking.

“Hahaha… what?” Zak furrowed his brow and leaned closer to the illuminated screen. “That’s a dick… a hairy dick… what are watching? — and is it any good?”

“Oh, my mistake,” she replied in her bubbly voice, turning the computer screen to face her again. Zak stared motionless next to the bed, and Sara watched all the features of his face fall in annoyance through her peripherals as she clicked on Candy Crush.

A few seconds passed as Zak stood motionless.

“Zak, stop hovering. It’s annoying,” she said in a hushed monotone.

“Really?” Zak said, shouting with exaggerated and vague hand gestures.

“You can go now, Zak… but, since you are already here… will you get me a Coke first?”

Sara watched Zak suck in his bottom lip and bite it lightly as he turned to leave the room. He paused in the doorway and looked back at her as she smiled, blew a kiss and mouthed “I love you.” Sara laughed to herself as she heard him mumble something like, “God dammit, woman,” as he walked in light stomps to the kitchen.